Friday, December 12, 2008

from the bottom of my heart..

wow lama gak ngeblog..
krn notebook gw msh rusak,udah janjian ma benny bwt betulin tp dia malah kabur...
di netcafe lg nih..lama2 gw mo pdkt sm masnya biar dpt diskon he..he.
gw mau nulis tentang perasaan..
it's about relationship.when u decided to have relationship or pacaran ma seseorang,then u know that u were two different people,u have to fix each other.compromise that differences.but some people are has shallow think,they think when they can't fix each other they have to give up n go away.but actually u can fix that problem,bicara face to face,try to understand and looking for the best solution,tp kalo km udah gak cinta lagi or bosan biasanya langsung dibuang begitu nemuin masalah kecil aja.pffft,sadis but thats life!!
pacaran is to fix two different people in a good relationship.
but when its should be over,thats means i cant fix you..anymore..

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